If I had a serious heart condition, would my 30 day MCOT be abnormal?

I have a question concerning a 30 day MCOT (CardioNet). I recently wore one for 32 days due to frequent palpitations (skipped beats) for years. At times they are hardly notable but at other times they are every other beat for long period of times. I had a normal echocardiogram 4 years ago and have had numerous EKG’s, cardiac calcium scan, lab work, etc. Everything has been normal. Two questions: Is there any reason to have another echocardiogram? Second question: If you had an enlarged heart or some serious heart condition, would your 30 day MCOT be abnormal?

Submitted by Tim from Texas on 05/07/2014

by Ali Massumi, MD

Yes, frequent extra beats, especially if every other beat is a PVC, can have a negative impact on the function of the main pump (left ventricle). An echo would show that and, if present, the extra beats can be ablated with expected improvement of LV function. People can show arrhythmias (including PVCs) on CardioNet, regardless of the presence or absence of a serious heart condition. In other words, one does not need to have heart disease to experience what you are feeling.