I have a small perforation of the mitral valve leaflet.  Can I exercise?

Can I exercise still? 40 year old healthy woman, I work out and eat well. My Echo says left atrium is moderate to severely dilated by volume. Mitral valve appears normal. Small perforation of the anterior mitral valve leaflet measuring 38 mm in diameter. No vegetation or abscess. Trace valvular MR as well as through the perforation. I see a cardiologist next week but I am so worried. Normal blood pressure. I do not take medication.

Submitted by Mary from Toronto on 07/28/2015

It is unusual to have a perforation of the mitral valve anterior leaflet without a history of endocarditis. If the perforation is 4 mm in diameter there could be enough mitral regurgitation to explain the dilated atrium. Fortunately the heart tolerates chronic mitral regurgitation quite well. Please follow up with your cardiologist. There is not enough information here to make clinical recommendations. Although the situation may not be dire, your cardiologist may need to do additional testing to confirm the surface echo findings and advise you further.