I am an active 22-year-old male that exercises regularly, but get palpitations and lightheadedness with exercise and at rest. An EKG has shown Incomplete Right Bundle Branch Block. Should I be concerned?

I have been active for 4 years now, I am a 22-year-old male, exercising every day. Two and half months ago while running I had some sharp pain through my left side of my chest, and almost passed out. Since then I have symptoms of a racing heart, sometimes high pressure and I’m lightheaded. This happens sometimes at rest as well. I am very nervous. Three serial EKG’s were performed, the last showed IRBBB. I had a heart ultrasound 2 months ago as well as a CT of the head, and blood work which was good. I have a lot of stress in my life and I’m sensitive person and this condition continues to worry me.

Submitted by Andy from Bosnia and Herzegovina on 09/23/2014

The IRBBB is probably inconsequential and it is not the cause of pain or racing heart. A continuous monitor for extended period of time, or a patient self activated arrhythmia monitor could probably be more helpful to understand the origin of the symptoms.