I am a healthy 67 yr old female with a 4.6 cm ascending aortic aneurysm 4.6 cm. and no plaque. Could my rheumatic fever as a child cause this?

With 2 children, ages 39 & 41 and 2 grandchildren, should they be screened if the cause is usually genetic?

Submitted by Joann from Denver, Colorado

by Atasu Nayak, MD  

You have an ascending aortic aneurysm. I do not know how was it diagnosed? Did you have an MRA or CTA?

Is there any family history of aortic aneurysm? Do you have hypertension or bicuspid aortic valve or Marfan’s syndrome or any connective tissue disorder? Rheumatic fever usually does not cause an ascending aortic aneurysm.

Depending on the etiology, surgery is needed when the aneurysm reaches 5.5 to 6 cm in diameter.

Please see a Cardiologist/cardiovascular surgeon for monitoring of your ascending aortic aneurysm by serial CTA/MRA. Your BP needs to be controlled with a Beta Blocker medication.