I am a 26 year old woman pregnant with my 4th child. I am feeling extra heart beats throughout the day.  I have cut out caffeine, but this has not helped.  My blood pressure is normal, and my heart rate is 70 – 80 bpm.  Should I  be worried about this?

Hi my name is Katie. I’m 13 weeks and currently been experiencing what feels like an extra heart thump like extra beat occurs during the day from time I wake up tool around evening time I cut caffeine out of my diet completely and still experiencing them what are they? My bp stays normal heart rate stays 70-80 just scares me what are these please help!

Submitted by Katie from Missouri on 08/30/2014

by Mehdi Razavi, MD

Skipped beats are common during pregnancy. Your primary care provider can start by having you wear an ambulatory monitor that you wear for 24 hours. It will record all activity. Then he or she can make further decisions.