How should my mom’s hernia after minimally invasive bypass surgery be corrected?

My mom is 66 years old now. She had minimal invasive bypass surgery done on 7/05/2012 in NY, USA. Now she had developed an incisional hernia in between and below her breasts. One US surgeon suggested removal surgery. Another US hernia specialist suggested to put a mesh, pressing down the hernia, under local anesthesia. So we looking for a second opinion?

Submitted by Lalindra from Sri Lanka on 06/26/2014

The repair of an incisional hernia will vary depending on where the incision was made. If the sternum was opened, the hernia will be in the midline of the abdomen just below the sternum. This usually requires placing a mesh to patch the defect. If the incision is directly under the breast and between the ribs, a mesh or muscle flap can be used.