Do you know what could cause pressure in my son’s chest and head?

My son is 37 years old. He said that once in a while when he gets up at night to use the bathroom, when he stands up, he gets pressure in his chest and head. It only lasts for a couple seconds and then goes away. It has happened about ten times in the last couple of months. He said it hasn’t happened in about two weeks. He does not smoke, but he does drink alcohol daily. Also he is under a lot of stress lately because him and his wife are both out of work. Do you know what this might be?

Submitted by John from St. Louis, Missouri on 11/15/2013

Dear John,
The symptoms you describe are very nonspecific. Your son may merely be mildly dehydrated. Alcohol and caffeine intake will aggravate the situation as well as the chronic stress that he undoubtedly has. He should increase his fluid intake, examine his diet, and get regular, mild aerobic exercise. More importantly he should see his doctor, get routine blood work, and other tests if indicated. Sincerely.