Do I have pulmonary hypertension and will it affect my ability to become pregnant?

I have pulmonary artery systolic pressure of 30mm Hg. I am a 27-year-old female willing to conceive. I saw my echo of 30mm Hg with mild tricuspid regurgitation and RA pressure of 5mm Hg. Recently I was diagnosed as subclinical hypothyroid and am maintained on thyroxin 25mico. I want to know if I have pulmonary hypertension? ….I am afraid.

Submitted by Tima from Brazil on 05/12/2014

by Jorge F. Guttin, MD

I would suggest for you to have another echo done, or reviewed by another cardiologist; 30mm Hg is borderline and may be of no significance. The doppler measurement of pulmonary pressure is based on personal appreciation of the jet of tricuspid regurgitation and, therefore, variable.