Could my husband’s chest pain be heart related, even with a normal EKG?

Hello, my husband is 42 years old and has high blood pressure and high cholesterol. He takes medication for that. Lately he has chest pain, under arm little pain and also behind the shoulder (all left side). Also left arm and fingers numbness. He went to the doctor and she checked the heart and also did a EKG. She said everything’s normal. That was 4 days ago. The pain is still there and didn’t go away. Advil didn’t help a bit at all. What is it? Is it something that has to do with blood vessel blockage that didn’t show in the EKG? After searching on internet, I found out it may be something called angina?

Submitted by Linda from Montgomery Village, Maryland on 08/23/2014

Chest pain in a man should be taken seriously until proven that it is or is not heart disease.  An EKG is just 10 seconds of your life.  One should consider additional testing, e.g, stress test, chest X-ray, chest scan and visit with a second opinion.