Could I have had a heart attack (shown on EKG) and not know it? 

I had a EKG done at an Internist/Cardiologist office 2 days ago that said abnormal. The results read: Sinus rhythm; Right bundle branch block; Possible anterior infarct – age undetermined; Low QRS voltages in precordial leads; Abnormal ECG – Unconfirmed analysis. I am a 67 y/o with pre-diabetes, overweight with a family history of heart disease and Chiari I Malformation. It looks like I had a heart attack I was not aware of from this report. No further tests ordered. Should I be concerned and see another doctor? Thank you.

Submitted by Maureen from St. Augustine, Florida on 11/13/2013

Dear Maureen: The EKG has first a computer interpretation. I often correct that interpretation based on what I know about the patient. You should discuss it with your cardiologist.