Can LBBB be the cause of my shortness of breath?

I was diagnosed with LBBB. Have gone through all the testing for heart disease. I was told I have a heart of a 20 yr old by a heart doctor, which I do not understand. I get up from a chair, walk into the kitchen which is about 12 feet, and am totally out of breath. But then I can walk long distance in stores and I am fine. My arms and hands go numb all the time and yes I am overweight, at least 75 lbs.

Submitted by Wilma from Illinois on 10/17/2014

by Abdi Rasekh, MD  

LBBB should not cause shortness of breath. However, if the LBBB is associated with cardiomyopathy, it can cause shortness of breath. If an echocardiogram of the heart is normal, shortness of breath is not related to LBBB.