Can a ventricular septal aneurysm cause chest pain? Is surgery warranted?

I was born with a VSD and it was never operated on. I recently had a cardiac MRI because of chronic chest pain and it showed a ventricular septal aneurysm adhered to the tricuspid septal leaflet. It also showed “basal inferoseptal” wall movement that was dyskinetic and they also summed it as an aneurysm of the base inferior wall. Can these cause chest pain and can they be treated with surgery/warrant surgery?

Submitted by Jacob from New York  on 10/27/2014

by Denton A. Cooley, MD 

While many pertinent details of your health are not known, in general, I believe this deserves surgical treatment to prevent later complications.  Surgical correction is relatively simple for an experienced surgeon in congenital heart surgery.