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Annual Diabetes Symposium: Diabetes Update 2018

October 20, 2018October 21, 2018

The American Diabetes Association (ADA) noted that some physicians lack knowledge related to the most effective treatments for diabetic patients, as well as awareness of the importance of the collaborative approach to care and its impact on patient quality measures. Physicians should develop and implement appropriate, evidence-based treatment strategies for their patients, and they should be able to assess the effect of their care based on various quality measures. Additionally, they should demonstrate competence in identifying optimal therapeutic interventions to prevent cardiovascular and other complications of diabetes.


Recent published work shows that performance improvement CME programs in diabetes have a positive and measurable impact on the performance of primary care physicians treating diabetes. To address the professional practice gaps noted by the ADA, we developed this performance improvement-based CME program.


This symposium will help physicians effectively identify and discuss expected and unexpected patient outcomes as well as the adverse effects of diabetes therapies. Additionally, we review how to function effectively in a collaborative care environment and identify additional practice gaps that should be addressed in future meetings.