Our student engagement video library features student multimedia projects, interviews, and news coverage about student outreach and education at the Texas Heart Institute.

Summer Scholars Share Their Experience

THI hosted students across the institution. Learn more about their summer!

Aalia Raza & Jonah Torres

Novel ECG Protocol for Early Detection of Cardiac Amyloidosis

Collin Fullen & Sebastian Jimenez

The Current Standard

Ruby Wilson

Cardiomyocyte Renewal Lab

Kayley Knackstedt & Anthony Zhang

THI Biorepository Core: Improving Biorepository Workflow & Designing a 3D Printed Cell Culture Plate for Lung Ischemia-Reperfusion Injury Experimentation.

Arjun Raghuram

A Vascular Model for Easy Drug Testing

Yuan Jia Wang

Integrin and Small Molecule Drugs

Veda Kadakia

Novel Pericardial Adhesion Cutting Tool: A Blade Sharpening Fixture

Michael McNeil

Pericardial Cutting Tool Project, Arduino Programming and User Interface

Alina Syed

Raspberry Pi for ECPRI: Improving the Efficiency of Cardiac Pacing

Christopher Tan

Mock Circulatory Loop for Cardiac Assist Device Validation

Taylor Chambers

Large Scale Expansion of hiPSCs for Bioartificial Heart Research

2022 THI hosted students across the institution share their stories. Learn more about their summer!

Since 2012, The Texas Heart Institute has been proud to partner with Breakthrough Houston, an educational program that places motivated students from underserved areas on the path to college. They envision a day when all children have equitable access to quality education, and teachers are committed to their success.

Frances Lewis, perfusion student, presents her mission experience with Perfusion Without Borders, “Turning Passion into Practice”. Her 20-minute talk was part of PerfCon 2022, an annual conference hosted by the Texas Heart Institute School of Perfusion Technology. It gives students a chance to hear from alumni and experts as well as to present their own research projects.

Inside Texas Heart Institute’s Biomedical Engineering Student Internships.

Student Interns Explore Molecular Cardiology at THI

Student Scholars Recap Their 2021 Summer Experiences

Creativity & Innovation in the THI IDEA Lab

University of Houston’s Carlos Uribe and Syracuse University’s Payton Campbell created an inspirational video to highlight the progressive research and training programs across the Texas Heart Institute. They spent the summer researching the Texas Heart Institute’s over 50-year collection of historical videos and photographs, working closely with the entire Visual Communications team, Director of Communications, and Library & Learning Resource Center staff. The video provides a glimpse into a typical day at THI. A shortened version of this video introduces the episodes of the THI Educational Series, Innovative Technologies & Techniques.

Texas Heart Institute School of Perfusion Technology student, Leslie Gonzalez, was awarded the prestigious Perfusion Without Borders scholarship and will travel with the Novick Cardiac Alliance to Medellin, Colombia in February of 2020.

Micaela has always dreamed of becoming a cardiothoracic surgeon. Her fondest wish came true when she traveled to the Texas Heart Institute and CHI St. Luke’s Health in Houston, Texas in partnership with Make-a-Wish New Jersey. For an entire week, Micaela shadowed some of the world’s best in cardiothoracic science. Learn More

Payton Campbell created an exceptional interactive learning tool that shows adolescents the hearts of animals in order to help them understand the importance of their own heart. Her museum touch box project, Comparative Anatomy of the Heart, is currently being used in the Houston Museum of Natural Science Eco Labs for students and visiting schools to use.


Alexandra Wallace for Project Heart

Alexandra Wallace, a biochemistry major at the University of Mississippi, launched Project Heart in Mississippi and Tennessee, sharing her personal story with cardiovascular disease and promoting heart health awareness among children and adults in these states. In the Miss Tennessee Scholarship Pageant 2016 competition, her platform Project Heart: Keep Your Beat was awarded a Jean Bartel Quality of Life Award, which recognizes contestants who are committed to enhancing the quality of life of those within her community through volunteerism.