CME Mission Statement

The purpose of The Texas Heart Institute’s Office of Continuing Medical Education is to provide comprehensive and innovative continuing medical education activities that are designed to increase medical knowledge and skills, and ultimately change practice behavior, methods or procedures in cardiovascular medicine and other medical specialties.

Target Audience

CME activities are designed to meet the identified educational needs of physicians, clinical researchers, and other medical educators at the local, regional and national levels. Although most participants reside within the United States, international participants also attend. Non-physician healthcare providers who may benefit from the educational content may also participate.

Type of Activities

Activities are provided through faculty-led programs. Specific activities include regularly scheduled conferences, topic-specific symposia and live activities. Activities jointly provided with external organizations are occasionally offered.

All CME activities accredited by The Texas Heart Institute are in compliance with the ACCME Essential Areas and Elements and the ACCME Standards for Commercial Support.


The content of our CME activities includes topics in cardiovascular medicine, cardiovascular surgery, general medicine specialties and ethics in patient care. Course content is determined through identifying learning gaps and the needs underlying them by utilizing the following sources:

  • Scientific advancements in various fields of medicine and surgery
  • Outcomes data used to evaluate current practice standards defined by practice guidelines
  • Expert consensus statements
  • Perception of the need by the intended audiences

All CME activities are designed and implemented to enhance and update physician knowledge and clinical skills, provide opportunities for dialogue and debate with peers and experts on covered topics, and support change in physician practice behavior as necessary to conform with established bodies of evidence and clinical practice guidelines.

Expected Results

Our department is committed to assessing the impact and effectiveness of each of our activities and of our overall CME program. This is accomplished through a variety of methods including pre-test evaluations, post-event electronic evaluations, outcomes surveys and an annual program survey.

We expect that the learners who participate in our CME activities will report a change in practice behavior, methods or procedures.