Clinical Trials Day Celebrates the Advancement of Medicine Through Science

Clinical Trials Day is observed every year on May 20 to celebrate the advancement of medicine through responsible science and honor the pioneering individuals dedicated to clinical research around the world.

This special day celebrates the research professionals conducting clinical trials and the patients who volunteer to participate in them.

Launched initially to acknowledge James Lind for starting the first randomized clinical trial aboard a ship on May 20, 1747, the annual observance day illuminates life-saving activities by the global clinical trial community.

The clinical research underway at THI is vital to advance the science of cardiovascular medicine and is made possible by a talented team. “Through clinical trials, we gain answers to essential questions about the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of medical conditions,” according to Dr. Stephanie Coulter, Director of the Center for Women’s Heart & Vascular Health.

The Texas Heart Institute Center for Clinical Research team supports clinical research management activities for all of THI’s research departments and outsourced clinical research management activities for private practice and academic clinicians. Led by THI Medical Director, Dr. Emerson Perin, the team of experts is vital to generating new knowledge and discoveries that translate to the development of new medicines and therapies for cardiovascular disease.

To honor this day, the Society for Clinical Research Associates (SOCRA) is recognizing its members’ contributions to public health, medical advancement, and improved health outcomes.

This year, THI Center for Clinical Research Administrative Director, Aryn Knight is recognized for her outstanding work and contributions to clinical research. She was nominated for being a positive force in clinical research education and contributions to the clinical research members of the Society and beyond. Aryn has served as a Chapter Chairperson for the Houston Galveston SOCRA Chapter since 2013. She also serves on the Certification Committee and the Job Task Analysis Committee.


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