Lab coats and Member and Associate Business Cards bearing the registered Texas Heart Institute logo are available for members of the THI staff and THI Professional Staff.

Lab Coats

Professional Staff Members or Associates may receive a lab coat with the THI logo. THI reserves all rights regarding its logo, branding, trademarks, and other intellectual property.

  • Lab coats must be ordered and distributed by Texas Heart Institute Administration.
  • Making or distributing lab coats with the THI logo is not allowed
  • The Texas Heart Institute logo may not be printed on garments with other logos. Any co-branding with the THI Logo must be approved in writing by THI Administration.

Professional Staff Cards

Cards are provided to Professional Staff to facilitate communication and connections with internal and external students, colleagues, organizations, and businesses.  In accepting a business card for use, Professional Staff agrees that cards are to be used solely to further the Texas Heart Institute mission. Three degrees or certification designations listed after an individual’s name may be included. Professional Staff Cards are subject to approval by, and must be ordered through, the Office of the Medical Director. Cards cannot be purchased from an external source and will be held in THI Administration for pick-up.

For questions or more information about ordering lab coats and business cards please contact Tanya Rojas at (832) 355-9406 or

How to Order

Complete Form and Payment Method:
Complete the online request form.  Payments may be made by credit card or check or THI Cost Center.


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Texas Heart Institute
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