Year in Review 2022

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For the past 60 years, The Texas Heart Institute has been recognized as a center of innovation, education, and clinical excellence in cardiovascular medicine, shaping a new landscape for patients with heart and vascular disease. 

As we begin the next era in our storied history, The Texas Heart Institute continues to lead with pioneering research and a commitment to applying the latest advances to benefit patients across the globe. 

Many of our remarkable accomplishments over the past year are highlighted. We formally changed our name to The Texas Heart Institute to distinguish us from other organizations that treat heart and vascular disease and to highlight our stature earned through decades of work developing novel approaches to common and uncommon cardiovascular conditions. We also rebranded our clinical practice as The Texas Heart Institute Center for Cardiovascular Care and opened a new 19,000-square-foot office on the 26th floor of the Fannin Tower in Houston. The beautiful space offers our patients convenient access to the most advanced diagnostic and treatment modalities available today and is fully integrated with our research programs, providing those seeking our care with the newest therapies and clinical trials. 

The Texas Heart Institute research teams have achieved impressive milestones as well. Our long-standing focus on novel approaches to treat the failing heart has resulted in the completion of pre-clinical experiments of a new total artificial heart, a federally-funded development program of a mechanical heart for children, and progress with gene- and stem cell therapies that are extending our understanding of new biological treatments for heart disease. Our heart rhythm specialists have developed a novel biomaterial that can be used to pace the heart in a more natural manner than a traditional pacemaker, and our drug development researchers have synthesized a new compound that enhances the effectiveness of vaccines to opportunistic infections with serious cardiovascular consequences and also boosts the effectiveness of cancer immunotherapy. 

The Texas Heart Institute remains vibrant, with an unwavering focus on exploring the boundaries of cardiovascular health and disease, challenging contemporary dogma, and discovering new approaches to improve the lives of our patients. We truly are “Bringing the Future of Cardiovascular Health to Life.”

Joseph G. Rogers, MD – President and CEO, The Texas Heart Institute



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