EP Lab Digest Features Dr. Mehdi Razavi and Team

Led by Mehdi Razavi, MD, the Electrophysiology Clinical Research and Innovations department at the Texas Heart Institute continues to build an unparalleled infrastructure to rapidly advance the field of cardiac arrhythmia research and management.

The team is exploring applications of carbon nanotube fibers for heart conduction repair, developing wirelessly powered, leadless pacemakers, and designing elegant tools that can painlessly shock the heart. With computer engineers at Rice, they are harnessing the power of AI and machine learning to develop algorithms for locating the precise areas to treat deadly arrhythmias.

In a paper published in EP Lab Digest, Dr. Razavi and his team briefly review these projects and more.

Read:  “From Idea to Reality: A Brief Tour Inside Our Research Lab” (EP Lab Digest Volume 19 – Issue 8 – August 2019)


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