Progress Made Toward Powerful Methods of Preventing and Treating Heart Failure

Heart failure impacts 26 million people around the world and remains one of the most devastating heart conditions today. Our teams are working tirelessly to find new ways to prevent, diagnose and treat this devastating disease.

Circulation Research dedicated their latest issue to the recent progress made for patients suffering from heart failure. Texas Heart Institute President Emeritus, Dr. James T. Willerson, served as the Editor for the compendium of scientific advancements that included articles by James. T. Martin, Jun Wang and Todd Heallen from the Cardiomyocyte Renewal Laboratory and Dr. O.H. Frazier Director of the Center for Preclinical Surgical and Interventional Research and Cullen Cardiovascular Research Laboratories.  Read Dr. Willerson’s editorial and articles about promising advancements in medicine and device development to treat heart failure in Circulation Research Volume 124, Issue 11 published May 24, 2019