Dr. Stephanie Coulter is changing the landscape for women’s health

Texas Heart Institute Women’s Center Director, Dr. Stephanie Coulter, sat down with Donae Chramosta, The Contessa, for a lively discussion on the fabulous Styling Social Justice podcast. Known for inspiring great conversations and creating glamour that is global, The Contessa and her fierce partner, Rania, cover important safety and health issues with a refreshing dose of fashion and style.

In the latest episode of Styling Social Justice, Dr. Coulter and The Contessa cover a wide range of topics relevant to busy women today.

As might be expected when two passionate women unite, the conversation was electric and filled with pearls of wisdom for women of all ages. 

From the Keto and Mediterranean diets to work-life-balance, kids, books, sports and how much we need to exercise each week — few heart health topics important to women were missed.

Dr. Coulter also shared her career journey and lessons learned along the way as a working mother.

About Styling Social Justice

Founded by Donae Chramosta, The Contessa, and Rania Mankarious, Styling Social Justice aims to draw attention to and shine a light on important and serious community issues through dialogue with Houstonians. Both are active community advocates, philanthropists and dedicated mothers combining their professional strengths to create a podcast that encourages real change in their community while keeping things light, fun and stylish. Listeners can tune in on Thursdays and subscribe on Facebook, iTunes, YouTube, GooglePlay, SoundCloud and StylingSocialJustice.com.