Texas Heart Institute’s molecular discovery at the heart of a new vaccine development program

A promising molecular technology co-invented by scientists at the Texas Heart Institute and 7 Hills could soon enhance the effectiveness of vaccines. The invention, a first-in-class, oral integrin activator, is the lead compound at the heart of a new vaccine development program recently announced.


Dr. Peter Vanderslice, Director of Biology in the Molecular Cardiology Research Laboratory at Texas Heart Institute, spearheaded the program that developed the compound first discovered to enhance stem cell therapy for potential use as an immunotherapeutic for cancer.


The therapeutic platform was licensed to 7 Hills Pharma and will be ready for a proposed Phase 1 healthy volunteer study to support solid tumor and infectious disease indications this fall.


“Our research and clinical colleagues are working diligently every day to advance promising discoveries for at risk patients. This platform could be an important therapeutic agent for cardiac and cancer patients as well as older individuals at higher risk for infections,” said Dr. Darren Woodside, co-inventor and Vice President for Research at the Texas Heart Institute.


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