Technology Co-Invented by THI Scientists In the News

Technology co-invented by scientists at the Texas Heart Institute and 7 Hills Pharma received broad patent protection from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) on four patents covering the company’s use’s novel integrin activators with any therapeutic antibody, any checkpoint inhibitor for immuno-oncology, and any vaccine.

According to Woodside, “ These particular integrins are essential for generating productive antigen-specific immune responses. Our approach represents a novel strategy to enhance immune responsiveness to cancer therapies and vaccines,” said Darren Woodside, Ph.D., Texas Heart Institute Vice President for Research and co-inventor.

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Feature Image: Confocal images of Human T cell line HPB-ALL spread on VCAM-1 with buffer (left) or integrin activator THI0019 (right). DAPI (blue), phalloidin (red)anti-a4 integrin (green)  Vanderslice, P., Biediger, R. J., Woodside, D. G., Brown, W. S., Khounlo, S., Warier, N. D., Gundlach, C. W., 4th, Caivano, A. R., Bornmann, W. G., Maxwell, D. S., McIntyre, B. W., Willerson, J. T., & Dixon, R. A. (2013). Small molecule agonist of very late antigen-4 (VLA-4) integrin induces progenitor cell adhesion. The Journal of biological chemistry, 288(27), 19414–19428.