Annual Report 2018: THE NEXT FIRST in Cardiovascular Discovery

The pioneering spirit that has defined the Texas Heart Institute for over five decades is stronger than ever. We are making significant progress toward accomplishing our mission to meaningfully reduce the global toll of cardiovascular disease and improve patient care. We pursue only the most relevant and progressive programs in research and education.

By studying the origins of heart disease and identifying its underlying causes, our visionary physicians and pioneering scientists and engineers are making discoveries that will guide the development of highly innovative devices and procedures and uncover more effective and less invasive treatments.

As we celebrate a tremendous year of growth at THI, we recognize the importance of maintaining our focus to ensure an even stronger foundation for discovery to benefit the millions of patients suffering from cardiovascular disease.

We are proud to share our most recent progress as we introduce our Annual Report, available in new digital formats.

This annual report highlights our most recent milestones, including significant progress made toward the development of a wireless, shockless pacemaker; earlier identification of patients at risk of heart attack or stroke; and a major breakthrough that could lead to a treatment to reverse heart failure. With the launch of our new Center for Clinical Research, we will be ready to test these new therapies in humans in the near future. Also, our education programs grew substantially and continue to set us apart from other cardiovascular centers. The annual issue describes new accomplishments that underscore our ongoing commitment to our training programs, seminars and symposia, publications, and global outreach.

We are deeply grateful for the decades of support from our local, national, and global community, and we are laying an even stronger foundation for a promising future. As we look ahead to another year of tremendous growth at THI, we continue to uphold the strong culture cultivated by Dr. Denton A. Cooley.

Thank you for your trust and support.


Eric D. Wade
Chairman, Board of Trustees
Texas Heart Institute

Emerson Perin, MD, PhD
Medical Director
Texas Heart Institute

James T. Willerson, MD
President Emeritus
Texas Heart Institute


Explore our new Digital Annual Report, or read the report in Mobile/Tablet view.