THI Perfusion Student Wins Prestigious Perfusion Without Borders Scholarship

Texas Heart Institute (THI) School of Perfusion Technology student Frances Lewis has been awarded this year’s Perfusion Without Borders (PWOB) scholarship. This award is granted by the American Society of Extracorporeal Technology’s PWOB subcommittee to one perfusion student, who must complete a highly involved application process. The funds that accompany the award allow the winner to apply to work with any organization that serves a hospital overseas.

Lewis, who graduated magna cum laude from the University of Texas at Arlington with a degree in biology, worked for 6 years during and after college as an anesthesia technician at a Level 1 trauma center and a university hospital. It was her work in operating rooms that inspired her to become a perfusionist.

“Frances is interested in pediatric perfusion, and the Novick Cardiac Alliance has graciously accepted her to observe during their mission and focus her experience on pediatric perfusion,” says Deborah Lowery Adams, CCP, Associate Director of Academics and Clinical Coordinator of the Texas Heart Institute School of Perfusion Technology. “Having traveled with Novick Cardiac Alliance to Peru, Pakistan, Iraq, and Iran along with our THI surgical fellows in past years, I can attest to the enriching and exceptional professional opportunity she will get to apply her experience and refine her clinical perspective.”


Lewis, who has traveled extensively in both her professional and personal lives, has been on medical mission trips before and has found the experience valuable. “These mission trips have made me understand that if you have a good heart, your hands will be put to work one way or another,” she says. “One of my favorite things about mission trips is that it is a small team with a big goal and many opportunities to learn something new from a lot of different facets of the mission. I have always sought out new experiences and knowledge, and I believe that this opportunity will help me become a better perfusionist.”

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