THI kicks off the fall health fair season with Holy Ghost Catholic Church Community

On Saturday, September 28, the Center for Women’s Heart and Vascular Health participated in the Holy Ghost Catholic Church Health Fair. The health fair, coordinated by the Faith and Citizenship Group, united 24 health and non-health organizations.

“This health fair was designed to help expose our community to the process of access healthcare,” says coordinator Carlos Rodriguez of the Faith and Citizenship Group.

“It’s difficult for some communities to become comfortable with the idea of going to a doctor or talking to an insurance company, it’s so important, and we want to able to help people understand and help themselves with those things.”

The Women’s Center team was at the event promoting their health screening on November 8 and November 16, handing out cardiovascular disease and prevention infographics as well as promoting the new Texas Heart Institute App that launched in August.

The Women’s Center team educated more than 100 people during the event of cardiovascular health.

THI will be participating at several other health fairs in the Greater Houston Area in partnership with the Consulates of El Salvador, Bolivia, Mexico, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, Panama, Peru, and Uruguay  in October organized as part of the XIX Binational Health Week.