THI Debuts Inside the Studio with CEO and President Dr. Joseph G. Rogers

With an emphasis on quality, a spirit of inquiry and discovery, and a willingness to take bold action, The Texas Heart Institute is realizing its vision to deliver the future of cardiovascular health today.

As The Texas Heart Institute enters its seventh decade, it remains steadfast in its mission to improve cardiovascular health through trailblazing research, thought leadership, education, and patient care. To share knowledge beyond the walls of The Institute, Inside the Studio features interviews with special guests visiting The Texas Heart Institute’s TV studio.

From international leaders in the field of cardiovascular medicine, to pioneering scientists, to community leaders near and far, Inside the Studio interviews amplify current trends in research, education, and collaborations aimed to improve health.

In the first 3 episodes, The Texas Heart Institute CEO and President, Dr. Joseph G. Rogers, interviews Grand Rounds speakers visiting The Institute.


Watch Grand Rounds presentation recordings by Drs. Virani, Preventza and Mandrola