Texas Heart Medical Group

When legendary heart surgeon Dr. Denton A. Cooley established THI nearly 60 years ago, his mission statement for the non-profit at Texas Medical Center was simultaneously simple and bold: namely, to reduce the devastating toll of cardiovascular disease through innovative programs in research, education, and improved patient care. Texas Heart Institute is now breathing new life into Dr. Cooley’s original vision as the Institution has set into motion its clinical practice, which specializes in cardiovascular care with the singular mission to provide the highest-quality medical care in a sophisticated and welcoming patient-oriented atmosphere.

Texas Heart Medical Group serves as a home base for twelve outstanding cardiologists who are also leaders in the subspecialty fields of Cardiac Imaging, Interventional Cardiology, Peripheral Vascular Disease, and Electrophysiology. Texas Heart Medical Group embodies the totality of Texas Heart Institute as a fully integrated clinical cardiology practice encompassing the areas of education, research, and direct patient care.

The leading physicians in the Texas Heart Medical Group, who are members of the THI Professional Staff, are eager to blaze a new trail and practice top-tier cardiovascular medicine as part of this clinical group,” emphasized Dr. Emerson Perin, Texas Heart Institute’s Medical Director. He added, “The founding physicians at THMG have upheld the same standards of excellence set forth by Dr. Cooley, spanning decades of collective experience in the practice of cardiovascular medicine and clinical investigation. In the spirit of the Cooley legacy, we are joining together as a body of clinicians, surgeons, and scientists with a unified ethos to take Dr. Cooley’s core mission far into the 21st century.” The twelve founding members of the Texas Heart Medical Group are as follows:

Dr. Alberto Lopez
Dr. Alexander Postalian
Dr. Briana Costello
Dr. D. Richard Leachman
Dr. Eduardo Hernandez
Dr. Emerson Perin
Dr. Paolo Angelini
Dr. R. David Fish
Dr. Roberto Lufschanowski
Dr. Stephanie Coulter
Dr. Zvonimir Krajcer
Dr. Joseph G. Rogers (not pictured)

Clinic Location:

Texas Heart® Medical Group
6624 Fannin St # 2780
Houston, TX 77030
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