What should I do about my ectatic coronary arteries?

Sir, I have a problem of chest heaviness from one year. Last week, I had angio and the result is:

Aortic pressure: 140/80 mmhg
LMCA: normal
LAD: type 3 vessel. It is ectatic with slow flow without any stenosis
Diagonal: normal
LCX: normal but ectatic with slow flow
RCA: dominant vessel. It is also as lcx
Renal arteries: bilateral normal arteries
Result: ectatic coronaries with slow flow
EF: 66% cavity size normal limit. No regional wall abnormalities.


Sir, my problem remains the same as before. Please suggest to me what should I do now. I smoke two cigarettes daily and I am non-alcoholic from last 8 years.

Submitted by Manoj from Kolkata, India on 11/11/2013

by Atasu K. Nayak, MD

Thanks for the question. You have ectasia of coronary arteries and your heart function is normal. Please stop smoking and continue aspirin. Ideally, LDL [the “bad” cholesterol] should be less than 70 mg/dl. If LDL is high, a statin is advised. Risk factor modifications are important, especially control of blood pressure and diabetes if you have these. Please see your cardiologist and follow his/her advice.