Is there a connection between my history of high blood pressure and PVCs, and my drop in LV ejection fraction?

I have been treated for high blood pressure for 10 years with a long history of PVCs. Recent echo revealed increased PVCs and reduced ejection rate from 55 to 45 over 9 years. What are possible causes? Treatments?

Submitted by David from Memphis, Tennessee on 12/06/2016

by Dena Houchin, RN

One of the possibilities based on the information you provided is PVC induced cardiomyopathy. This is a significant concern and should be evaluated by a cardiologist familiar both with congestive heart failure and arrhythmia. There are other possible causes for a drop in your ejection fraction and these should be evaluated as well. In particular, an ischemic cause needs to be excluded. This means blockages in coronary arteries which could cause silent damage to the heart as well. The optimal treatment depends on several factors but you should consider being evaluated at a major medical center.