Is Multaq better for afib than amiodarone?

Hello. What info can you share re: drug, Multaq, for afib? Supposed to be less toxic than amiodarone but from what I’ve read it’s still a risky drug with toxic side effects. I would value THI’s opinion. Thank you.

Submitted by Mary from California on 06/27/2014

by Stephen Michaud, PharmD, BCPS

Multaq (or dronedarone) is a modified version of amiodarone without iodine, which provides the advantage for lower side effect profile (such as thyroid and lung toxicity) than amiodarone. However, based on clinical trials, dronedarone can increase the risk of death when used in patients with severe heart failure or permanent atrial fibrillation. In addition, dronedarone (like amiodarone) can cause dangerous arrhythmias, slow heart beat or heart block. The decision to use dronedarone in your case should be based on your specific circumstances and we advise you to discuss this with your personal cardiologist.