Is it safe to take Nugenix in the presence of CHF?

I have CHF. Is it ok to take nugenix? It says it’s safe drug free and no side effects.

Submitted by Keith from Michigan on 04/05/2016

by Michael J. Mihalick, MD

Dear Keith:
The short answer is: Your guess is as good as mine. Nugenix, like many over the counter (OTC) preparations is regulated as a food, not a drug. Drugs have to be evaluated by the FDA (whether you think this is fair or not). Look at the label: You won’t find a list of the contents let alone their concentration in the product, list of possible side effects, dosing, and drug interactions. The best thing about these drugs is that they probably don’t contain enough of the ‘active ingredient’ to hurt you. There are no requirements to regulate the amount of active ingredient (a testosterone like compound) in each bottle. These compounds rely on a positive placebo effect for benefit. In this specific case, testosterone itself has not been shown to treat the symptoms of ‘low T’ effectively. Testosterone can increase the risk of prostate cancer and aggravate atherosclerosis and blood clotting. Some individuals are more susceptible to these effects than others. If erectile dysfunction is the issue, approved effective treatment is available in the form of Viagra and Cialis. These drugs have been proven to be safe in heart patients and were originally developed for treating certain types of heart disease. Nitrates (nitroglycerine) should be avoided if they are used. Take these drugs at your own risk. If you are concerned about symptoms you are experiencing, talk to your doctor. Sincerely.