Is it prudent to delay more surgery until my aortic root aneurysm is 5.5cm?

I have a post Ross procedure aortic root aneurysm. My Ross procedure was performed in 2000. My current CT scans show the aneurysm to measure from 4.8cm to 5.3cm. They seem to be somewhat erratic. My aortic valve seems at this time to be functioning very well. My cardiologist and surgeon are putting off my surgery until I hit 5.5. Is this prudent if I want to save my current valve so I don’t have to have a valve replacement as well as an aortic root replacement?

Submitted by Daniel from Stratton, NE on 02/04/2014

by David A. Ott, MD

Your doctors are correct to delay but when surgery is needed, it will be wise to replace the valve with a more permanent valve. The main disadvantage of the Ross procedure is that the valve eventually fails, as does the homograft in the pulmonary position, thus requiring multiple reoperations. You may be a candidate for transcutaneous valve surgery (TAVR) in the future.