I have trace fluids around my heart. What kinds of exercise can I safely do?

I have had heart rate / pain symptoms for years. A recent chest scan says I have trace fluids around my heart, and they have been there awhile. I am presently seeing a rheumatologist, and my question is what kinds of exercises can I do without increasing the pressure in my heart? And what kind of doctor should I be seeing?

Submitted by Hedy from Texas on 04/27/2015

by Scott R. Sherron, MD

Trace amounts of pericardial fluid are often a physiologic finding and do not necessarily represent an underlying disease. However, many rheumatologic conditions can cause inflammation of the lining of the heart which could also lead to trace amounts of fluid. This type of inflammation is called pericarditis which can cause chest pain and sometimes tachycardia. You should definitely have a consultation with a cardiologist if this is not already been performed.

There are no specific exercises that would be a problem based on the fluid finding. However, if you’re having chest pain and tachycardia you should be seen by cardiologist before starting an exercise program. Hope this is helpful.