I continue to have chest pain at rest and with exercise, and also notice palpitations. I have been given permission to continue on with regular activities and exercise. Should I be concerned?

I have a few questions regarding a few different studies and the findings.

These findings are listed below as seen on the copy of the results the doctor was given. I have had two echos and a nuclear test.

EF was borderline with a wall motion abnormality in V4 through V6 I
Mild global hypokenisis of the left ventricle
Left ventricle systolic function mildly reduced
Mildly dilated RV out flow tract
Mild tricuspid regurgitation
Moderate pulmonic regurgitation trace mitral regurgitation

I have continuing chest pain especially when I lay down and exercise. However I have been given a green light and no restrictions. I continue to be exhausted, have chest pain and it goes through to my back. Should I still be concerned? I also have PVC and PAC and on going palpitations throughout the day.

Submitted by Amanda from United States

Dear Amanda:
Your 1st paragraph: wall motion abnormality V4-V6 is wrong.
The rest of the findings and your symptoms do not match.
You have to sit down with whoever ordered all these tests and have a long talk.
Good luck.