Does left atrial volume index change on a daily basis?

Hi, does left atrial volume index change on a daily basis? Is it easy to overestimate it? I had an ASD closure, and a month later my echo results said my left atrial volume was 53ml/m2. I also have moderate mitral regurgitation (born with mitral valve prolapse). Now that blood does not shunt to the right atrium, does this mean my left atrium volume will just keep increasing? (Female, 42 yrs). Thanks for the service.

Submitted by Ellie from Australia on 02/15/2015

The actual LA volume likely does not change much on a daily basis if the blood pressure & degree of body fluid stay constant. The left atrial volume can be a bit tricky to measure by echocardiography due to the limitations of the techniques & its irregular shape. For this reason, repeat volume measurements could vary by 5-10%. In your case, the LA volume could continue to gradually increase over time due to mitral regurgitation. This can happen regardless of whether there is an ASD present. With the ASD closed & if the degree of tricuspid regurgitation is not significant, the right atrium & right ventricle (if previously dilated from the ASD) would be expected to regress (normalize) in size to some degree.