Can you explain if/when junctional rhythm is a serious issue?

Doesn’t junctional rhythm mean the sino-atrial node has failed and one is relying on the AV node for the heart’s pacing?

In the last two years, I seem to be in a junctional rhythm constantly, sometimes with sinus rhythm as well….Seen several MDs and had a fairly comprehensive workup in last several years including normal echo, CMRI, and Holter/Event studies showed nothing alarming….Just completed a 30 day event study and saw the EP yesterday…He said nothing was life threatening on it. The events I submitted on the monitor ended up being junctional rhythm issues…

Submitted by Rich from Pennsylvania on 03/26/2014

by Mohammad Saeed, MD

A Junctional rhythm can happen either due to the sinus node slowing down or the AV node speeding up. It is generally a benign arrhythmia and in the absence of structural heart disease and symptoms, generally no treatment is required. If symptoms are present and specifically related to the junctional rhythm, then a dual chamber pacemaker may be helpful.