Can I safely stop Deplatt (medicine) prior to cataract surgery?

Dear Doctor,
I am a 77 year old male from India. I am a cardiac patient since 1984.

1) CAD-SVD: Mid RCA CTO (CAG on 23.03.04 &21;.07.09) Mild LV dysfunction, EF 35-40% NSR
2) Recurrent SMVT, S/P AICD
3) Systemic hypertension
4) Dyslipidemia
5) Mild CRF
6) BPH with LUTS

Due to a vision problem, I am advised to do a cataract surgery for which I was asked to stop tablet Deplatt for 5 days prior to surgery. Is it safe to stop Deplatt tablet? Will there be any side effect if I do so? Need your opinion before preparing for the surgery. Thanking you.

Submitted by Haji from Kerala, India on 02/11/2014

by Virendra Mathur, MD

You should be able to safely discontinue Deplatt (comparable to Plavix) as your personal physician has advised in preparation for your cataract surgery. It should, however, be resumed promptly after the procedure.