Can a cardiologist notice or initially see LVH on a 12 lead EKG?

As someone who has struggled with “borderline” high BP (130’s/80’s typically) for years, does it typically take LVH (left ventricular hypertrophy) awhile to develop? I had a normal echocardiogram 3 years ago. I just worry about developing this due to a friend having it that has normal BP. I just recently had a 12 lead EKG and wore a CARDIONET ambulatory monitor for 21 days for “palps” and was wondering if those tests would show clues in a person with LVH?

Submitted by Dave from College Station on 01/09/2014

by Roberto Lufschanowski, MD

Dear Dave: LVH can be diagnosed with a 12 lead EKG, but echocardiography is more accurate.