Are there medicines or procedures to improve my EF which is 40%?

My heart ejection fraction is at 40%. Are there medicines or procedures to improve it?

Submitted by Rafael from Jacksonville, Florida on 10/02/2013

by Jose Diez, MD

In order to treat changes in the heart performance as measured by the ejection fraction and/or prevent further deterioration, there are several steps your cardiologist will follow.

1. To treat the cause of the deterioration in ejection fraction, i.e correct any ischemic causes (lack of blood flow through the coronary arteries), correct any valvular causes (such as heart valve leakages/ regurgitation or narrowing/ stenosis), correct any toxic or metabolic causes (alcohol, chemotherapy, endocrine).

2. Add medications appropriate to your individual case such as betablockers, ACE inhibitors, ARBs, diuretics, and/or aldosterone receptor blockers.

3. In cases of severe ventricular dysfunction, mechanical devices (known as LVADs) can support the heart function, or in extreme select cases, heart transplant may be considered.

4. Research options may include clinical trials for stem cell therapy.

Your doctor will be able to guide you in appropriate management of your individual heart health if in fact your ejection fraction is evidence of underlying disease.