Are my health problems reversible since I have stopped the medications that caused them?

Hello, I’m a 33 year old woman. No prior history of heart problems or family history of heart problems. I was recently told that I have mild mitral regurgitation, mild pulmonic regurgitation, a non-dilated left ventricle with mild global hypokinesis and an estimated LVEF of 45%. This was all brought on by medication usage. I’ve always been very fit and healthy. My question is are some of these things reversible since I have stopped the medications that caused these problems? I have returned to working out every day and have not had any problems. No shortness of breath or light headedness, etc. I was told by my cardiologists that things could improve once all the medication is out of my system so we are giving it time before starting any treatment. Thank you.

Submitted by Ayanna from Maryland on 06/18/2014

by George Younis, MD

The answer is maybe, but without knowing what the medication was or other details of your health, it is impossible for me to say definitively. You and your cardiologists seem to have a reasonable plan underway.