Did You Know? Meet THI Benefactor, Mamie Louise McFaddin Ward

A generous supporter and benefactor of the Texas Heart Institute, Mamie Louise McFaddin Ward lived the true Texan life. She called a large, beloved three-story house in Beaumont, Texas, home for most of her life. The house was built by her father, William Perry Herring McFaddin, after the first Spindletop oil boom on the land leased by his company, the Beaumont Pasture Co. The house is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is maintained by the Mamie McFaddin Ward Foundation, which was set up after her death in 1982.


In keeping with her love of history and preservation, Ward was a member of the Beaumont Heritage Society, the Daughters of the American Revolution, and the Daughters of the Republic of Texas. One of her donations of historical note was a diorama given to the Alamo depicting the Battle of San Jacinto—a battle in which her father participated.


Ward’s generosity was expansive. She contributed to hospitals, churches, universities, and museums. At Lamar University in her hometown of Beaumont, the Mamie McFaddin Ward Health Sciences Building was named in her honor. She also sponsored scholarships for about 30 university students every year.

THI was a fortunate recipient of Ward’s philanthropy. The Mamie McFaddin Ward Fund—a continuing fund benefitting THI—was established in 1972 to honor Ward’s personal long-time physician, Dr. J. C. Crager, of Beaumont, and to recognize Dr. Cooley for his contributions to cardiovascular medicine and surgery. This award, focused on the continuing education of physicians in the field of cardiovascular medicine, made many of THI’s educational and research activities possible. Specifically, it supported the Texas Heart Institute Journal and the Heart Sounds Laboratory, which later became the Biocommunications Research Laboratory and was dedicated to Ward in 1984. THI’s annual cardiology symposium and the THI/Beaumont Baptist Hospital quarterly cardiology conferences were educational meetings also funded by the award.


Named an Honorary Trustee of THI a year before her death, Ward has long been remembered for her Texas-sized charitable spirit.


Photo: Mamie McFaddin Ward, along with Dr. J.C. Crager and Dr. Denton A. Cooley, at the announcement of the initial grant in 1972.

Image: Program announcement for 1973’s 4th Annual Cardiovascular Symposium at THI, supported by an educational grant from Mrs. Ward.