THI Annual Report

Our focus and resolve are as strong as they have been at any time in our proud history. We will continue to push the boundaries of discovery and foster important partnerships while committing to new levels of accountability and performance. We will achieve goals by challenging the status quo and each other until heart disease is eradicated.

Annual Report 2020

A Note From Our Board Chair

Since 1962, the Texas Heart Institute has been on a mission to reduce the devastating toll of cardiovascular disease through innovative and progressive programs in research, education, and improved patient care.

Today, the pursuit of that mission continues with the same pioneering spirit that has defined the Texas Heart Institute for over five decades. THI’s research teams include renowned physicians, scientists, and engineers who are working tirelessly to unfold the origins of disease and identify the underlying causes of cardiovascular conditions to develop more effective and less invasive treatments.

THI has expanded its education programs to provide global outreach through its website, which provides up-to-the-minute information about cardiovascular disease, associated risk factors, and healthful lifestyles. The website includes articles in English and Spanish and attracted over 5.9 million users from 93% of the world’s countries in its first year.

THI’s postdoctoral and fellowship training programs are at the forefront of our mission. THI provides one of the most respected learning environments for training the next generation of cardiac specialty physicians. In 2020, THI mentored over 50 cardiology, cardiac subspecialty, and surgery fellows and provided postgraduate education to thousands of doctors through medical education programs.

The School of Perfusion Technology continues to train perfusionists in the use of the heart-lung machine, with over 900 graduates since it opened in 1971. It was the first accredited perfusion school established in the United States and remains one of only 17 programs of its kind in the country.

As we look ahead to another year of tremendous growth at THI, we continue to uphold the strong culture cultivated by Dr. Cooley. We are laying an even stronger foundation for a promising future for patients suffering from cardiovascular disease. We are deeply grateful for the decades of support from our local, national, and global community.


Yours truly,

Eric D. Wade
Chairman, THI Board of Trustees


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