Annual Report


True to its mission statement, Texas Heart Institute remains focused on cardiovascular education and research. Its goal is singular: to improve the lives of patients who struggle with heart and vascular disease. Although our home is the Texas Medical Center, our reach is global. Why? Because cardiovascular disease knows no geographic boundaries.

This past year, Texas Heart Institute researchers, scientists and physicians touched the lives of more than 7 million people who sought information from us via scientific lectures and More than 1100 physicians practicing throughout the world were educated and mentored by leaders at THI. Numbers are impressive, but it is the continuing discovery happening deep within our Institute that drives us forward.

Across the globe, our work changes lives by changing outcomes. Advances occur in every area of need. This report will highlight accomplishments and provide updates on our studies in:

We have long been recognized for the many firsts that were envisioned at and have emanated from Texas Heart Institute. We are proud of those firsts and the trailblazing impact they have had. Our work is validated each time one patient’s life is improved. But our mission will be achieved when we can change the future of every patient with cardiovascular disease, wherever each may be.

Cancer is terrifying, yet cardiovascular disease remains the #1 killer of men, women and children. We are working to change that. We are resolute in our support of Texas Heart Institute’s physicians and scientists. They must have the tools and resources required to discover the next first. We owe it to future patients who are depending upon us. And we do so to honor the esteemed legacy of our founder, Dr. Denton Cooley.

Our focus and resolve are as strong as they have been at any time in our proud history. We will continue to push the boundaries of discovery and partnerships while committing to new levels of accountability and performance. We will achieve goals by challenging the status quo and each other until heart disease is eradicated.

Thank you for your continued belief in Texas Heart Institute. We want to earn your support, and we honor your trust. We are proud of what we have accomplished and excited about our next first in cardiovascular discovery.

Yours truly,

Eric D. Wade
Chairman, THI Board of Trustees

Annual Report 2016