Houston scientists are building human hearts

Our team is working to build hearts needed for life-saving transplants. Read Full KHOU11 Story

With the support of the Alpha Phi Foundation, Texas Heart Institute is furthering research on women’s heart health and pushing the boundaries of discovery to impact the lives of millions of women around the world today suffering from heart and vascular disease. The progress made with two Heart to Heart Grants awarded to THI is providing new knowledge and shaping the direction of several areas of research at the Institute.

A Conversation with Dr. Doris Taylor and Dario Robleto

Presented in conjunction with the exhibition Dario Robleto: The First Time, The Heart at Inman Gallery, this event will explore the scientific, cultural and poetic implications of Dr. Taylor’s groundbreaking creation of a “ghost heart” — a heart scrubbed clean of all cells so that it can be regenerated anew.

NOVA’s “Transplanting Hope” features THI research led by Dr. Doris A Taylor 

Transplanting Hope follows the journey of patients and their families as they await lifesaving organ donations. The original documentary takes the viewer inside the operating room to witness organ transplant teams transferring organs from donors to recipients. The program also highlights research efforts to understand organ rejection, discover ways to keep organs alive outside the body, and grow artificial organs with stem cells.

Building Hearts for Lifesaving Transplants

Dr. Doris A. Taylor and her team of scientists in the Regenerative Medicine Research laboratories at Texas Heart Institute aim to build custom human hearts using a patients’ own stem cells so each organ is built for their body. The process could eliminate the issue of organ rejection. In this news story, Dr. Taylor discusses the critical need for new solutions and hope for eventually treating pediatric hearts.