Sonya E. Fogg, MLS

Sonya Fogg is the Assistant Director of Digital Communications. She holds a master's degree in Library Science from Texas Woman's University and a bachelor's degree in chemistry from Macalester College. She is a librarian with a science background that includes botany, biophysical chemistry, and medicine. She is experienced in scholarly communication as an author and as a managing editor of an open-access journal. After working for over 10 years in bench science, she left the lab to follow her calling to connect researchers with the information they need. She earned a master’s degree in library science from TWU with a practicum at Rice University’s Fondren Library. Since joining THI in 2009, she has overseen the services of the Library & Learning Resource Center and the THI Archives. A passion for communicating quality information led her into providing content for the institute’s Twitter feed which has grown into a role managing the content for all our social media channels. Show full bio

Tracking down and connecting people with quality information is her passion. She has training in PubMed and search strategy development that she uses daily to provide personalized services to staff. She currently teaches Advanced PubMed, Excel, PowerPoint, and other research skills classes. She strives to keep her heart healthy with morning running and swimming (IG:@sebegonia).

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  • Undergraduate:

    Macalester College

  • Postgraduate:

    Texas Woman's University


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