Luiz Sampaio, MD, MS

Dr. Sampaio has devoted his entire career to reducing the burden of cardiovascular disease, first as a practicing cardiovascular surgeon and now as a regenerative medicine researcher. Show full bio

Having completed a medical degree and post-doctoral surgical residencies in Brazil, Dr. Sampaio served for 2 years, 1996-98, as a visiting cardiovascular surgeon at Texas Heart Institute under the direction of Dr. Denton A. Cooley. He then returned to his home country, holding the positions of surgeon-in-chief of cardiovascular surgery and medical chief of surgery intensive care at two prominent hospitals in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil.

While he performed more than 3,000 thoracic surgeries between 1998 and 2011 and received wide recognition as a highly skilled cardiovascular surgeon, Dr. Sampaio became more and more interested in the growing field of regenerative medicine and the promise of developing innovative new approaches to helping patients with heart disease. He returned to THI in 2011 to establish a new career in translational research and raise his family in Texas. He completed a 2-year research post-doctoral fellowship in stem cell therapies then joined the THI department of Regenerative Medicine Research (RMR) under the direction of Dr. Doris Taylor. As Associate Medical Director of the RMR, as well as Director of Innovation, he now applies his medical and surgical knowledge to identifying cutting edge technologies around the world and develops new collaborations to advance technologies to advance cardiovascular care.

Dr. Sampaio provides medical and surgical expertise and training, organizational leadership, and business development and fiscal management experience to the THI regenerative medicine research teams. His contributions include: recognizing medical needs; developing solutions based on cell therapy and tissue engineering; overseeing research projects; gathering and analyzing data; co-authoring manuscripts to disseminate basic science findings; coordinating the translation of scientific discoveries through clinical trials, FDA approvals, licensing, and business development protocols. He has co-authored several peer-review publications, textbook chapters, and published abstracts. Recent published findings include new techniques to enhance the retention and efficacy of stem cells delivered, feasibility of delivering stem cells in the presence of left ventricle assist devices, and improvements on decellularization/recellularization of extracellular matrix to develop cardiac patches and replacement organs.

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  • Postgraduate:

    Federal University of Bahia School of Medicine, Salvador, Bahia, Brazil

  • Medical School:

    Federal University of Bahia School of Medicine, Salvador, Bahia, Brazil

  • Fellowships:

    Texas Heart Institute Stem Cell Center