What has caused my EKGs to change over time, and must I ease up on my exercise?

As a teenager with a heart murmur, I had to have EKGs in order to play on sport teams. I found a note in my medical file that I had an enlarged left ventricle. I am now 74 and a recent checkup indicates I no longer have an enlarged ventricle, but I now have an enlarged right atrium. What caused the disproportionate change and is there reason to ease up on my exercise? I am quite active as a runner, weight training and tennis seven days a week.

Submitted by Warren from Lincoln, California on 02/13/2014

The findings you describe could clearly be benign. Overall, exercise is as close as we come to a fountain of youth. It helps the heart, the bones & even staves off dementia. However, it would be important to have a full evaluation of your current cardiac status. It is particularly important to realize that up to 20% of patients with significant blockages are completely asymptomatic.

Therefore, following your echo findings & having at least a screening treadmill would be important.
Hope that helps.