Does LBBB affect the bpm readings on an elliptical exercise machine? 

My readings are over 200, sometimes 280. Is this normal? Should I continue to use the elliptical?

Submitted by Bill from Richardson, Texas on 01/12/2015

by Scott R. Sherron, MD

LBBB or left bundle branch block is a purely electrical abnormality found by ECG. While it can be a marker for underlying heart disease such as cardiomyopathy or coronary artery disease, it can also be an independent abnormality. Technically, it is caused by the lack of transmission of electrical signal from the AV node to the apex of the ventricle down 2 of the 3 pathways for delivering this signal. As long as at least one pathway is conducting appropriately, no therapy is necessary. It is not the cause of abnormal BP readings on an elliptical machine and is not a reason to stop. However, it is a reason to be evaluated by a cardiologist. Also, readings that high are abnormal and should be evaluated. Prior to evaluation, you should measure your BP at different times of the day and record to obtain an average BP.

Hope this is helpful.