Any contraindication to my engaging in high intensity training and exercise?

Hi! I have MVP with mild (I think very mild) regurgitation. I have been doing echo control every 2 years. I think my condition is stable. I would like to know if I can do high intensity running training. I know 65-75% aerobic exercise is good, but I want to improve my acceleration and speed and engage in high intensity training. Any contraindication?

Submitted by Vítor Ferreira from Portugal on 04/10/2014

It is very safe to increase your level of exercise in the situation you describe. MVP can worsen & need repair in a very small percentage of cases, but exercise has not been shown to worsen the underlying condition. There is a theory that extreme isometric exercise (such as competitive weight lifting) might put undo pressure on the valve but even this is not well proven.

Since it is difficult to identify which patients will worsen, it is important to continue regular follow-up echos. I hope this is helpful.